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Surface Loading Is Key BHA ProTura filters feature a special surface nanofiber layer made from synthetic polymers so extremely fine, they are measured in fractions of a micron (nanometers). This ultra-thin layer traps dust and fume particulate on the surface of the filter before it can embed deeper in the media— leading to better cleaning efficiency with fewer pulses and significantly less compressed air use.

Features & Benefits
  • The industries smallest available fibers provide the best available filtration efficiency on sub micron particulate – MERV 15

  • Nanofibers allow for surface loading filtration = EASY PULSE CLEANING

  • Lower initial & operating pressure drop

  • Unmatched release properties will offer reduced cleaning cycles

  • Saves compressed air and energy cost

  • Reduced outlet emissions = Cleaner Air

  • Less pulsing and stress = Longer Filter Life

  • Reduced downtime

  • Fewer filter changes = Lower Disposal Costs

ProTura™ Nanofiber Technology

Independent lab tests show that Clark Filter’s ProTura™ Nanofiber Technology is the only cartridge with a MERV 15 rating based on ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2. ProTura Nanofiber Technology is 50% more efficient on 0.3 – 1.0 micron particulate than the competition. Smaller diameter fibers equal a higher efficiency and lower resistance to airflow.

In full lab testing utilizing an eight (8) cartridge dust collector, Clark Filter’s ProTura Nanofiber Technology stabilized at a much lower pressure drop than the competition’s standard filter media, requiring less pulse cycles. Standard media pulsed 85 – 94% more often than ProTura Nanofiber Technology. Less pulsing saves compressed air and reduces stress on the filter leading to a longer filter life.

In full lab testing utilizing an eight (8) cartridge dust collector and atomite for test dust, Clark Filter’s ProTura Nanofiber Technology emitted 75 – 97% less contaminant than any standard media tested. The key is the nanofiber not the substrate. Superior submicron (0.3 – 1.0 microns) particle capture leads to lower emissions of contaminant.

 ProTura® nanofiber technology outperforms standard cartridges

ProTura® nanofiber media and pleated cartridge elements outperform standard filtration technology to increase the performance of your recovery system. Here’s why:

  • Fibers are up to 50% smaller than competitive fibers for maximum filtration

  • MERV15 efficiency rating – highest of any standard cartridge filters. Higher MERV rating means higher filter efficiency and greater ability to remove powder paint from the air

  • Surface-loading performance – nano-size interfiber pores allow powder paint to easily pulse off the surface layer while the media remains clean. This results in higher cleaning efficiency and savings in compressed air costs

  • Longer filter life – less pulse cleaning and filter stress result in lower filter replacement costs and reduced down-time (depth-loading filters need intensive cleaning and, as a result, are subjected to continual abrasion and mechanical fatigue)

  • Lower initial pressure drop over the life of the filter and less energy use

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